Sunday, 23 September 2012

Prawns Dum Biriyani ( Shrimp Dum Biriyani)


For  rice

Basamathi rice -2 ½ cups
Ghee – 2 tbs
Cardamoms – 4
Cloves – 4
Cinnamon stick – 3 medium size
Feenal seeds – 1 tbs
Bay leaves – 2

For masala

Prawns – 1/2kg
Chilli powder – 11/2tbs
Pepper powder – ½ tsp
Turmeric powder – ¼ tsp
Ginger and Garlic paste – 2tbs each
Sliced onion – 6
Sliced tomato – 2
Green chilli – 3
Curd  - ½ cup
Coconut paste – 1/4cup
Garam masala – 1tsp
Chopped corriander leaves – 3tbs
Salt to taste

For garnishing

Cashew and Raisins – ¼ cup each
Thinly siced onion – 2
Chopped coriander leaves
Mint leaves
Lemon juice
Pineapple essence

Rice preparing method

Heat ghee in a vessel,and add all the spices given above and sauté it for a minute.After that add boiled water to it,then add the rice and little salt.When the rice get cooked,drain the water completely from the rice and spread the rice in a tray and allow to cool.

Prawns masala preparing method

1.Marinatte the prawns with 1tbs chilli powder,pepper powder,turmeric powder,ginger & garlic paste and salt.Keep it for 1-2hrs.

2.Shallow fry the marinated prawns and keep it aside.In the remaining oil sauté onions&green chilli,when the onion gets dark brown color add the tomatoes and ½ tsp chilli powder if required.After that add the curd and coconut paste.Mix them well.

3.Add the fried prawns to it and cook for some more times,then add the garam masala and finely chopped coriander leaves.Give it a good stir.So masala is ready.

For Garnishing

Heat oil in a pan,fry  the sliced onions till it becomes golden brown,remove the onion and fry cashew after that raisins.Keep it aside

How to layer

1.Take a heavy bottomed vessel or a non stick pan.Apply some ghee to the vessel.

2.First spread some prawns masala in the vessel ,over that add the rice (2 plates),then some cashew & raisins, chopped coriander leaves , mint leaves, add 2 drops pineapple essence then squeeze lemon juice over it.

3.Again repeat the same step ,prawns masala , rice and then the garnishing ingredients.
Layering completed.

Going to dum 

Heat a thava , place the closed biriyani vessel over that.Reduce  to low  flame and cook it for 15-20mins.Our prawns dum biriyani is ready to serve.

Serve with raita, pickles and pappad

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