Monday, 17 September 2012

Bread and jam pudding

Here am going to post my first recipe....

Bread and jam pudding

This is a very easy recipe...anyone can try this,after all this a very sweet recipe, you can have it after a spicy meal....


Bread-15-20 slices
Jam-as required (strawberry flavour preferred)
Milk -1 litre
Condensed milk -1tin
Sugar – 1cup
Vanilla essence-2tbsn
Corn flour-2tbsn
Strawberysyrup (optional)


1)After cutting the sides of each slice ,toast the bread (you can also do without toasting , differ in taste)

2)Apply Jam on the pieces and cover each piece with another , cut the bread slices into 4 pieces and keep it aside.

3)Boil the milk ,when it reached the boiling point, add condensed milk and sugar and keep stirring. 
4)Add  cornflour mixed with 1/4cup of milk  keep stirring as it the milk might thicken too quickly.

5)When the desired thickness has reached, add
  vanilla essence and stir to mix it well.

6) Remove the milk pan  from stove and allow it to cool.

7)When cooled ,pour 2 large spoons of the
  thicken sauce in a dish and arrange the bread n jam pieces than layer with sliced strawberries and strawberry syrup,over that again sauce .

8) Repeat this step until all the bread pieces and milk mix has finished.

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