Monday, 26 November 2012

Crunchy & Sticky Chocolate Bars


Dark chocolate/chocolate chips – 50g
Cocoa powder – 3tbs
Butter – 25g
Condensed milk – 1/2tin
Crushed digestive biscuits/ Marie biscuits – 12 - 15
Chopped Pistachios –  2tbs
Chopped Almonds –  ¼ cup
Chopped  Cashews –  ¼ cup
Raisins –  ¼ cup


1.Melt chocolate and butter in microwave / double boiling  for 1min and give it a good stir,then add the cocoa powder and mix it.

2.Now add the condensed milk to the chocolate mixture and stir it.Then add all the dry ingredients to the mixture and mix it well.

3.Place the mixture in a greased tray or tray covered with aluminium foil.Cover and set it in the freezer overnight.

4.When it is set,cut it into pieces and have it.

Every chocolate lover’s will like this sticky crunchy chocolate bar’s….


Note:1.Crushed biscuits should have some crumble and powder.
         2.If there is any  remaining chocolate bars,keep it in the freezer.

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