Monday, 19 November 2012

Malai Chicken Tikka Masala

 One of the most delicious side dish with naan,parathas and chappathi.Try it and say what you feel about it....
Recipe source: fauzias kitchen fun.I did some changes in the original recipe.


For marinating

Boneless chicken – 250gm(clean and cut it into small pieces)
Thick yoghurt – 11/2 tbs
Fresh cream – 1tbs
Cashew – 5-8(make fine paste)
Ginger & garlic paste – ½ tsp
Red chilli powder – ¼ tsp
Corriander powder – ¼ tsp
Cumin powder – ¼ tsp
Black pepper powder – 1/8 tsp
Tandoori masala – ¾ tbs
Fenugreek powder – 2 pinch(substituted fenugreek leaves (kasthuri methi)with fenugreek powder)
Garam masala – ¼ tsp
Lemon juice – 1tsp
Melted butter – 1tsp
Salt as required

For the gravy

Butter – 1tbs
Oil – 2tbs
Ginger & garlic – 1tsp
Chopped green chilli - 1
Onion paste – 1 small size
Tomato puree – 1 big
Fresh cream – 2tbs
Red food color (optional)
Chopped coriander leaves


1.Mix all the ingredients together with chicken pieces and keep it in the fridge for few hours.

2. Heat a non stick pan and roast the chicken on medium flame till crisp and cooked.Now you will  get a nice aroma coming out with flavours.If you feel it is too sticky add 1tbs oil to it.

3.Heat butter and oil in the same pan,add ginger ,garlic and green chilli,fry for few seconds.Add the onion paste ,when the raw smell goes add the tomato puree and cook for few minutes.

4.Now add the tender malai tikka and the remaining marinade to the gravy and add enough water to get the right consistency.Cover and cook for few minutes.

5.Add 2tbs fresh cream and cook for 2mins,then add the food color(if needed).

6.Garnish with chopped coriander leaves and cream mixed with milk.

 Serve with naan,chappathi, parathas....

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