Sunday, 28 July 2013

Mango & Custard Verrines

Verrines can be sweet or savory and can be anything from an appetizer to a dessert which is layered in a small glass.This is a 4 layer dessert with vanilla custard and mango.A very simple delicious dessert.Custard and mango combo makes this dessert yumm!!!!


Milk – 1 cup

Custard powder – 1 ½ tbs (mixed with little water)

Sugar – 5 tbs( adjust according to your taste )

Unflavoured gelatin   – 1 tsp

Ripe mangoes – 2

Cherry -2


1.In a small bowl take 2 tbs of chilled water and sprinkle gelatin powder and leave it for few minutes.

2.Take a sauce pan and add milk and sugar,bring to boil over a medium heat.When it starts to boil,add the custard mixture and stir continuously until mixture becomes thick.

3. Remove the mixture from the heat and allow to cool.And pour half of the custard mixture into two serving dishes and keep it in the freezer for 5 mins.

4. Meantime take 1 mango and make mango pulp(make sure the mango is fully ripen and soft),blend mango with little water until smooth.(Use quality mangoes,it gives better taste)

5.Microwave soften gelatin for 30 seconds and stir it until gelatin melts.Then add the gelatin mixture into the thick mango pulp and mix it well.

6.Take out the custard from the freezer and pour half of the mango pulp on the top of  the custard and freeze it for 5 mins.Again do the same procedure.Thus it makes 4 layers.

7.Garnish with chopped mango and cherry and then refrigerate it.

Have this yummy dessert... 

Sending to saju's taste and simply tadka

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  1. Loved that colorful & yummy dessert !!

  2. so easy and yet so delicious! love the way you presented as always!

  3. delicious Pramitha.. They look great.. Wanted to know, can we replace gelatin with agar agar here?

    1. thankz sangeetha...
      you can use agar agar instead of gelatin.

  4. woww...super click n colorful !

  5. So colorful and delicious.. Thanks for linking with us..

  6. how many cups of mango pulp shud v add???

    1. sorry for the late reply....i used 1 cup mango pulp.


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